In Search of the Beautiful Line...

From the sensuous curves of the Art Nouveau period to the movement of flowing water, international award-winning jewelry artist Naomi Sarna searches for the beautiful line as she hand carves her gemstone masterpieces. Central to her work is the play of light and shadow, movement, texture and the use of bold color combinations. Sarna hand selects each gemstone that she carves using the birthmarks that occur naturally in the stone to guide her as she creates her art. It takes Sarna around 500 hours to complete each of her one-of-a-kind carvings.

Every precious gemstone carving and Art Jewel is meant to become a treasured heirloom bringing you the pleasure of owning an original piece of art.

Naomi Sarna- Wilensky Gallery Gemstone Masterpieces Craving Demo

Naomi Sarna does a carving demonstration.

Amethyst Platinum Ring 27.2 ct hand-carved amethyst, 0.47 ct white diamonds, platinum. Size 7.


Showcasing unique gemstones and pearls each Naomi Sarna ring is the essence of timeless chic. Sarna has created glamorous settings for her rings that flow with your finger and rest comfortably on your hand.

Necklaces & Pendants

Cascading pearls, sumptuous gemstones, sensual carvings and sparkling black diamonds are treasures sourced by Naomi Sarna to fashion statement necklaces and pendants that will uniquely complement your personal style.

Lady of the Lake
Turquoise Tassel Earrings


From board room ready to black-tie glamour Naomi Sarna designs earrings that are always alluring.  Colored gemstones, diamonds and lustrous pearls frame your face with a light that enhances your inner glow.


The art of Naomi Sarna is embodied in brooches. Using a palette of colored gemstones, diamonds, pearls and precious metals each finely crafted brooch is a miniature work of wearable art.

Pink Petal Brooch
Purple Gold Ametrine Carving

Gemstone Carvings & Sculpture

Sumptuous gems in vivid colors are hand-carved into one-of-a-kind works of art by Naomi Sarna. Flowing lines that move like wind and water are the signature of Sarna’s precious carved gemstone sculptures.

Winter Rain

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Beauty is Meant to be Shared...

Angel Wing Aquamarine and Diamond Brooch Naomi Sarna

Naomi Sarna invites you to step into her world of Art Jewels and magnificent Gem Carvings.

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