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Sculptural Gemstone Art Carvings

Treasured gems and minerals are hand-carved into one-of-a-kind works of gemstone art by Naomi Sarna. Flowing lines that move like wind and water are the signature of Sarna’s precious carved gemstone sculptures, which can take her as long as 500 hours to carve and polish into their poetic forms. Every precious gemstone art carving is meant to become a cherished heirloom that will bring you, and generations to come, the pleasure of owning an original piece of sculptural art.

Icy Wind on K2

Icy Wind on K2

Icy Wind on K2 is hand-carved by Naomi Sarna from a rock crystal that she personally selected from the Avant Mine in Arkansas.

Golden Blossom

Hand-carved light smoky Rutilated Quartz Golden Blossom sits on a bronze base that has a rich patina created by Naomi Sarna through a special process.

Shy Girl Citrine Carving

A hand-carved 457-carat Citrine symbolizes how we are gently moving into the world after the captivity of Covid. Shy Girl rests on a Bronze base.

Arctic Winds II

A Bronze maquette for a monumental sculpture, to be purchased and turned into a large public art sculpture.

Jade Seahorse

Hand-carved 650-carat Burmese lavender and green jadeite Seahorse floats gracefully on a specially patinated bronze base.

Ametrine Iris

A one-of-a-kind piece of art, the hand-carved, 174-carat Ametrine “Iris” balances on a Bronze stand that emulates a stem and leaves.

Winter Rain

Touched with a frosty satin finish, Winter Rain is a 90-carat Aquamarine. The intricate carving of the gem, highlights its inner life. A one-of-a-kind piece of art, it rests on a Sterling Silver Base.

Rainbow Prism

The sensuous curves and flowing lines that are the signature of artist Naomi Sarna are embodied in this hand-carved 942-carat Morganite, which floats on a base of Sterling Silver clouds.

Gates of the Mountains

A gorgeous piece of art, Gates of the Mountains is a 118-carat Almandine Garnet resting on a rock crystal base. Inspired by the mountains of Montana, it is an American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award winner for Carving.

Winter Bird, Spring Greens Jadeite Carving

This white and green 222.50-carat Burmese Jadeite sculpture was awarded the Silver Medal from the Zi Gang Bei International Jade Competition in Suzhou, China. Winter Bird, Spring Greens perches on a base of darkened Silver atop a Quartz Crystal from the Avant Mine in Arkansas. 

Purple Gold

Carved to bring out the contrast of the yellow and purple hues of the 297-carat natural Ametrine gemstone, Purple Gold won First Place for Carving in the American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards Competition.

River Wind

Evocative of nature’s mighty elements of wind and rain converging, River Wind is a 735-carat gem-quality Blue Topaz, which sits on a Sterling Silver base. River Wind won an American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award for Carving.

Imperial Presence Rose de France

Curves and folds add dimensionality to this 1,015-carat Rose de France Amethyst, Imperial Presence, which is mounted on a sterling Silver base. It won the First Place Spectrum Award for Carving from the American Gem Trade Association.

Paisley Citrine

Inspired by the classic paisley pattern found in textiles, The 105-carat Paisley Citrine won a Gemmy Award from the Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist’s Design Competition. The carving creates the illusion of a paisley pattern in the stone.

L’Heure Bleu Tanzanite Carving

Naomi Sarna hand-carved the 725-carat L’Heure Bleu from Tanzanite that she found on a trip to Tanzania. It won a First-Place Spectrum Award for Carving from the American Gem Trade Association. L’Heure Bleu sits on a Sterling Silver base.

Fade to Purple

A study in light, this 424-carat Amethyst sculpture, Fade to Purple, was carved to show the various hues of purple in the gem. Showcased on a Sterling Silver base, it won First Place for Carving from the American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards.

Ice Flow Rutilated Quartz Carving

A rare and precious 1,375-carat Rutilated Quartz, Ice Flow is reminiscent of frozen water sparkling in sunlight. Ice Flow won an American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award for Carving.

Blue Flight

A spectacular and very rare 1,975-carat rutilated blue Topaz, Blue Flight sits on a sterling silver base. It is an American Gemstone Trade Association winner for Carving.

Green Genie Pendant in Treasure Chest

Exceptionally large 178.50-carat natural color Peridot, set with multicolored Diamonds, Sapphires, Garnets and Amethyst. It sits on an 18-karat Gold treasure chest mounted on a Sterling Silver base.

Golden Oriole

The delicate rutile threads sparkling throughout the carving are created by titanium dioxide. Golden Oriole is a 375-carat rutilated quartz carved to bring out the hematite flecks and rutile threads creating a unique piece of gemstone art. It nests on an acrylic base.

Undersea Floral

Floating on a base of Sterling Silver, Undersea Floral is a 354-carat Amethyst. This unique gemstone sculpture won an American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award for Carving.

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