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Art Jewels Treasury

Inside the Treasury, you will find Naomi Sarna’s most exceptional Art Jewels. Her award-winning art spans the world of jewelry and fine art sculptures carved from precious gemstones.

Each distinctive jewel is extraordinary for its exploration of light and shadow, movement, texture, and color. Sarna draws inspiration from wind and water, astronomy, the curving lines of Art Nouveau, and the very gems that she carves. Her jewels have a complexity of layers and craftsmanship that capture the imagination with their flowing forms, masterful carvings, and intricate details.

Arctic Winds-Bronze Maquette-Naomi Sarna

Arctic Winds II

A Bronze maquette for a monumental sculpture, to be purchased and turned into a large public art sculpture.

Fire Empress

The Fire Empress pendant showcases a museum quality 108-carat Mexican Fire Opal hand-carved by Naomi Sarna. Embellished with white and multicolored Diamonds, multicolored Sapphires and Amethysts, the Fire Empress hangs from a necklace comprised of Lapis Lazuli beads, white Gold and Diamond rondelles.

Angel Wing Brooch

Exceptional Angel Wing brooch centers on a hand-carved 91.64-carat unheated, natural Aquamarine. White Diamonds set in 18-karat White Gold outline the curving form of this brooch. The back is beautifully hand engraved with an elaborate feather pattern. 

Queen of the Sea Brooch

Award-winning brooch features a natural Chinese freshwater Pearl crowned with white and black Diamonds, Moonstones, Ethiopian Opals and multicolored Sapphires, Platinum, 18-karat yellow Gold and Sterling Silver.

L’Heure Bleu Tanzanite Carving

Naomi Sarna hand-carved the 725-carat L’Heure Bleu from Tanzanite that she found on a trip to Tanzania. It won a First-Place Spectrum Award for Carving from the American Gem Trade Association. L’Heure Bleu sits on a Sterling Silver base.

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