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Where to Go at the Tucson Gem Show 2019


Going to the annual Tucson Gem Show is an act of love, wonder and devotion. Ever since my early days as a jeweler in New York City I would make this pilgrimage to watch, learn and, of course, buy wonderful raw materials and even special finished pieces. The magic of the Gem Show is exciting and inspiring, even to the casual fossil or gemstone collector. A one-of-a kind world bazaar.

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Granada Gallery Tucson, AZ is an important stop while visiting the Tucson Gem Show

Through the years the event has taken center-stage in my professional work as a gemstone carver. The support and acclaim I have received there have left me thrilled and honored. Converging on this vortex with other masters and rising artists, designers, setters, dealers, cutters, and carvers along side amazing institutions and organizations adds impressive scale and global impact to this curious mash-up of trade show, gem market, art exhibition, education and training, topped off with the ATGA’s Spectrum Awards, the “Oscars of Gems and Jewels”.

This year I am proud to announce the exhibition of several of my favorite works at the highly respected Granada Gallery in Tucson. It stands as one of the permanent galleries that truly represents the year-round spirit of the Tuscon Gem Show. They specialize in the presentation of art and materials that accentuate and celebrate natural beauty. You are most welcome to view a selection of my work along with their amazing offering of jewelry, gemstones, rare fossils and art…. even if solely to view objects of true beauty while at the show. My pieces will be on exhibit there from January 24 to February 14, 2019.

Granada Gallery:
T +1-520-622-1223,,

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