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Naomi Sarna Debuts Gemworld Munich


October 5, 2021
For Immediate Release

Contact: Amber Michelle


(New York, NY…) Master gem carver and jewelry artist, Naomi Sarna will present her international award-winning jewelry and hand-carved gemstone sculptures at the Gemworld Munich show for the first time. 

A classically trained sculptor, Sarna’s art is informed by the play of light and shadow, bold color, texture and movement. Inspired by the flowing curls and curves of the pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau periods, Sarna is always in search of the beautiful line. Through her carving, Sarna’s hands turn raw gemstones into lyrical sculptures that are miniature works of art. The smaller pieces are set into jewelry and the larger sculptures are precious objets d’art, some of which can take 500 or more hours to complete.  In addition to carving, Sarna transforms pristine mineral specimens into sophisticated jewelry that showcases the beauty of the material in its natural state.

Sarna is the recipient of numerous international awards for her gemstone carvings and jewelry. She is one of a very few Westerners to be awarded for her Jade carving from the Zi Gang Bei Jade Exhibition in Suzhou, China.

Sarna is represented in the Smithsonian’s Permanent Collection of American Gems as well as in the collections of private collectors. Sarna’s work has been showcased in numerous museums including the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Solo shows include “Stone in Motion” at the Wilensky Mineral Gallery in New York City. Her solo show at the Wilensky Gallery was followed by a group show “Gemstone Masterpieces” at the same gallery which also featured Manfred Wild and Nicolai Medvedev. Sarna is the Jewelry Arts Journalist for Unique, the Private Jet Magazine.


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