It’s Not a Ruby: Spinel’s Well-Kept Secret in High Jewelry

Spinel Gemstones

You thought it was a ruby. So did the Black Prince, Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, in 1367, who owned one of the most famous colored gems in the collection of the British Crown Jewels. However, he was wrong. It’s not a ruby and it isn’t black either. It’s a red spinel crystal, uncut, but slightly polished. Because of its size, about 170 carats, and approximately 5 centimeters, it is one of the world’s larger uncut spinels.

– Naomi Sarna as published in Unique Magazine

Read Naomi’s article in Unique Private Jet Magazine on a most misunderstood gemstone. Often confused with Ruby and found in some of the world’s most treasured collections; learn how the Spinel earns respect as a top-quality gem fit for a king or queen. Read on at Unique Private Jet Magazine….