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Five More Pieces from the AGTA Spectrum Awards I Loved (in no Particular Order)


Piece by Jennifer Heebner on


Despite some disappointments in the AGTA Spectrum Awards’ ‘winners‘ circle, there were still more than a few fabulous pieces to enthuse over. Here are five more styles I found irresistible and why.

The Petal brooch in 18k white gold with colored diamonds, amethysts, and multicolored sapphires by Naomi Sarna of Naomi Sarna [Designs] took the WJA Gem Diva Award in the Classical Division.

(Courtesy Naomi Sarna)

Coincidentally, I had just seen Sarna at a WJA event the week before, and she told me that she was now open to wholesale accounts (for years she sold only to private clients, so expect a profile on the blog soon). Sarna has won a long list of awards for her superior cutting skills, and her finished jewels channel the same ocean-wave-like effects of the signature style of her stone handiwork. The color combination on this piece is lovely and so is her easy-to-identify aesthetic…

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