Confetti Heart Ring

Award-winning Confetti Heart ring is a masterpiece of stone setting. It features Diamonds, Sapphires, Tsavorite Garnets and Amethysts set in 18-karat white Gold.


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A celebration of color, the Confetti Heart Ring was created by jewelry artist Naomi Sarna as a joyful tribute to love and life. An explosion of confetti colored gemstones in a wide variety of sizes defines the curving lines of the 18-karat white Gold heart that has one concave side and one convex side. A masterpiece of stone setting, the gems cascade onto the shank of the ring in a seemingly effortless pattern that is a feat of jewelry engineering. The heart flows gracefully into the shank of the ring to fit comfortably on your hand. A custom-made grill continues the heart theme on the back of the ring. A pair of Confetti Heart Earrings is also available. The Confetti Heart ring won a Women’s Jewelry Association Gem Diva Award from the American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards design competition. This very special Confetti Heart Ring comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Naomi Sarna.

  • White Diamonds VS/E-F
  • Multicolored Diamonds
  • Multicolored Sapphires
  • Tsavorite Garnets
  • Amethysts
  • 18-karat White Gold
  • 18-karat Yellow Gold
  • Size 7

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