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The Mystique of Black Diamonds


Inspired by music mogul Pharell Williams wearing a black diamond necklace, Naomi Sarna decided to create her own collection of jewelry using this mysterious gemstone. “When I saw Pharell Williams wearing a black diamond necklace, it was elegant and sophisticated. He is a fashion-forward man wearing black diamonds and he looked great. I decided I wanted to make my own black diamond jewelry,” recalls Sarna.

One of Sarna’s first forays into incorporating black diamonds into her jewelry is her Black Diamond & Blue Jeans™ necklace and bracelet. The two pieces are blackened silver with a distressed finish and an oversized toggle closure that showcases a line of shining black diamonds. While Sarna designed the pieces for men, they work equally well for women. The oversized look is on-trend right now and works well with the ample proportions of many of today’s clothes. “I like that these two pieces are very hearty,” says Sarna. “You can wear the bracelet and necklace anytime, even to the gym. The metal will change color according to your body chemistry. They become permanent personality pieces.”

Black diamonds get their color in two ways. Some are carbonado, which is a combination of tiny diamonds, graphite and carbon crystals. Carbonado is quite rare and is thought to come from a meteorite that hit the earth some 4,000 years ago splitting the land into what is now Africa and South America. However, most black diamonds get their color from numerous inclusions — mostly graphite — and some treatment. The inky color of black diamonds has a brightness and shine unlike any other gemstone.

A dramatic addition to a piece of jewelry, black diamonds pair beautifully with other gemstones to create unique jewelry with an edge. “I’m always attracted to colored diamonds,” comments Sarna.

Black Diamond Earrings & Cufflinks

Paired with yellow gold, black diamonds will give a piece an ancient feeling, but put them together with a white metal and the look is thoroughly modern.  For a classic use of black diamonds Sarna created the perfect couple’s style with her Midnight Blue cufflinks and earrings that feature large black diamond center stones set in yellow gold with blue sapphire side stones set on the diagonal. The look is timeless and elegant.

In another unusual pair of earrings, Sarna adorns the Art Nouveau-inspired curves of her After Midnight earrings with shimmering black diamonds set in palladium, a metal in the platinum family. The mix of white metal contrasting with the high-intensity color of black diamonds is contemporary and dramatic.

Black Diamond Glamour

For all-out glamour, Sarna has created some necklaces using black diamonds. Her simple, yet elegant strand of black diamonds showcased in the Midnight Glamour necklace is understated, yet impactful when worn on its own. Layer it with other pieces to create a personalized look.

Sarna’s three-strand necklace, Midnight Sky combines shimmering black diamonds with the shifting colors of labradorite beads for a moody (slightly Goth perhaps) necklace that is a perfect go-to piece in any jewelry wardrobe. It can easily be worn for work or whenever you want to add some special sparkle to your day.

The crown jewel in the collection however is the spectacular Starry Nights necklace, which is comprised of almost 1,000 carats of black diamonds. “Starry Nights mixes black diamonds with other stones. It looks like the universe. I’m fascinated by astronomy and black holes in the universe and black diamonds are on the edge of the universe,” observes Sarna.

The sophisticated combination of black and white diamonds touched by opulent flashes of purple and blue from the labradorite, amethyst, and Iolite beads is evocative of the stars, constellations, and planets as they sparkle and shimmer in the ever-changing heavens. Starry Nights is a showstopper meant to be worn by a woman or man who likes to make a style statement.

Any of these necklaces will be further complemented by the black diamond Midnight Star earrings that are stunning on their own and perfectly harmonious with other jewelry. “Black diamonds are dark and mysterious, exciting and eternal,” concludes Sarna.

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Authored by Amber Michelle

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