Ten Wonderful Ways to Wear a Brooch


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“As an artist, brooches allow me to express a wide range of creativity. They’re one of the most elegant and versatile pieces of jewelry you can own,” says jewelry artist Naomi Sarna. Brooches are easier to wear than you may think, they’re gender-free and a favorite accessory of some Hollywood’s A-list actors — especially men —  when walking the red carpet.  

Caught by A Wave, 10 Ways to Wear a Brooch by Naomi Sarna
Caught by a Wave brooch by jewelry artist Naomi Sarna showcases a natural color Chinese freshwater pearl, multicolor sapphires, diamonds, platinum and 18-karat peach gold.

Top 10 ways to wear Naomi Sarna brooches:

  1. On the lapel of a jacket for a classic style, or on a coat lapel to brighten up a winter look. Brooches are also great on a jacket sleeve worn a few inches above the cuff, perfect for men and women.
  2. Sitting on your shoulder, which is particularly nice if you have short hair, or if you have long hair and you’re wearing it up. This placement works well for men as well.
  3. On a hat. Brooches are a sophisticated way to turn an everyday hat into something unique. Put your hat on, decide where you want the brooch, take off the hat and pin on the brooch.
  4. Embellish a handbag when you’re going out for a special event or dinner at a restaurant where you may be carrying a silk or fabric evening bag. Pin the brooch directly under the frame of the bag near the clasp, or place it in the center of the handbag for a chic pop of color.
  5. On the neck of a turtleneck sweater. It’s a very modern way to wear a brooch.
  6. On a bow or tie. Wear the bow of your blouse to the side or in the front and pin the brooch to the knot. Use a brooch to embellish the knot of a bowtie, or on a necktie to personalize it.
  7. On a pocket. Many blouses, or suit jackets, come with a breast pocket. Pin the brooch to the top of the pocket, it’s perfect placement every time.
  8. On a belt. If you are wearing something with a fabric self-belt, you can wear the brooch on the side, or in the center as a belt buckle. Adjust the belt to the desired snugness and pin with the brooch.
  9. To hold a wrap. Long before buttons and zippers were around, the first brooches — made from thistle, wood or bone — were used to hold clothing in place. The Vikings and Celts, both used simple metal brooches to secure their capes. Pinning your wrap with a brooch is a beautiful way to fasten it.
  10. Oversized sweater coats can easily be closed with a brooch either at the neck or at the waist.

Featured Image Top: Chrysoprase Bud brooch accented with diamonds and set in 18-karat yellow gold can also be worn as a pendant.

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