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Tanzania: Ethical Initiatives and CSR Synergies


Albert Robinson – InColor Magazine 2012 – TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd, the largest producer of tanzanite, has sought to develop a tanzanite industry free from exploitation that benefits local Tanzanian communities and helps the impoverished Masai people. The Tanzanite Foundation has developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) strategy that aims to create synergies with gem stone carvers and designers. as well as promote the gemstone together with social initiatives with large retailers.

As part of its CSR efforts. the Tanzanite Foundation has built two schools, and supports another six in the Nasinyai district just outside the TanzaniteOne mining operation in Tanzania. clinic and a community center have been built, fresh water is pumped to the local community, and a reverse osmosis plant has been installed to prevent the local children’s teeth from turning brown from too much fluoride among other projects.

In March, well-known gemstone carver and jewelry designer Naomi Sarna was invited by the Tanzanite Foundation to visit Tanzania to select tanzanite and carve it as an entry for the IU Awards in Hong Kong, the first international gem-cutting and jewelry design competition dedicated to colored gemstones. The competition was organized by lCA and UBM Asia. It was hoped that the tanzanite creation would win a prize and be sold with the proceeds to benefit the group of Massi who lives near the Richland Resources mine, TanzaniteOne…for complete article PDF Download: InColor Article Naomi Sarna Tanzanite

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