Morganite Carving


This sensuous carving enhances internal rainbow fractures which are self-healed and snowflake shaped inclusions. It’s like holding a rainbow in your hand. It is 942 ct (197 g) and stands on a sterling silver base. Like all of Naomi’s carvings, this morganite is a hand-carved, completely unique work of art.

Morganite was named after J.P. Morgan. As a type of beryl, it the pink/peach sister of aquamarine, emerald, and helidore.

  • METAL: Sterling Silver
  • STONE: Morganite
  • DIMENSIONS: H 1.82 in. x W 3.75 in. x D 1.07 in. (H 46 mm x W 95 mm x D 27 mm)
  • WEIGHT: 212 g