Contessa Pearl Pendant and Ruby Necklace

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The Contessa, a Chinese Freshwater Natural Color Large Pearl is embellished with Natural 18K White Gold in the form of a ruffle.  The ruffle and bail are embroidered with multicolored gems, suggesting a Spanish Baroque encrusted gown.  The Contessa is presented on a Ruby and Garnet Bead necklace with the clasp further embellished with colored gems. The ruby necklace is 18 inches long.  The pearl measures approximately 40 x 30mm; the set pearl measures 68.5 x 33.5mm. An extraordinary work of art.
  • METAL: Gold
  • STONE:Multicolored Natural Color Diamonds, Pearl, Sapphires, Rubies
  • DIMENSIONS: H 68.5mm x W 33.5mm
  • LENGTH: 18in