Imperial Presence – Award Winning Rose de France Amethyst Carving

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The art of draping is showcased in this 1,015-carat Rose de France amethyst hand-carved by artist Naomi Sarna. The curves and folds of this carving play with light and shadow adding a dimensional quality to this piece of sculptural art. Found in the mines of Southern Brazil, the lush color of the Rose de France amethyst is created by the presence of titanium oxide when the stone is forming. It is mounted on a sterling silver base. Imperial Presence won the First Place Spectrum Award in carving from the American Gem Trade Association.

  • Amethyst
  • 1,015-carats/ 280 grams
  • Sterling Silver
  • H 3.4 inches x W 3 inches x D 2.2 inches (H 86.36 mm x W 76.2 mm x D 55.88 mm)