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Naomi Sarna’s Tanzanite Masterpiece wins First Place at the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ 2013


Full Piece by the Tanzanite Foundation

New York, NY. Naomi Sarna, one of the world’s finest gemstone carvers and jewelry designers, won big at the 2013 AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) Spectrum Awards winning a total of four awards. First and second places were in Carving, while first place was also in the Phenomenal, and Men’s categories alike. Her magnificent first place Tanzanite Carving was a result of Ms Sarna having traveled to Tanzania in March of 2012 to the TanzaniteOne mining operation to select the special piece of rough tanzanite required to create the largest-ever carved tanzanite, weighing a total of 725 carats. The color of tanzanite and its unique multi-dimensional hues is what triggered Naomi’s imagination to create a piece that would perfectly capture her passion forand love of- all things celestial. “l’Heure Bleu” which is known to be the hour before sunrise or sunset on a perfect day, is the name of the winning masterpiece. The carving reveals the dazzling kaleidoscope synonymous with the uniqueness of tanzanite, and the colors of the sky at this special time of day.

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