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Following the debut of her group show “Gemstone Masterpieces” at the Wilensky Gallery in New York City, jewelry artist, and 23-time Spectrum Award winner, Naomi Sarna is now at the AGTA GemFair Tucson where she will be showcasing jewelry that highlights the gemstones she has hand-carved, luminous baroque pearls and vivid gems.

Central to Sarna’s work is the play of light and shadow, movement, texture and the use of bold color combinations. Her work is inspired by the sensuous curves and flowing curls of the Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau periods. Growing up Sarna had the complete set of “Wizard of Oz” books, which had Art Nouveau drawings that she loved and to this day continue to influence her work.  A classically trained sculptor, fluidity is an important element in Sarna’s work and she is always observing and seeking the beautiful line that creates the feeling of movement in her pieces.

Naomi Sarna has been the recipient of 23 Spectrum Awards in both gem carving and jewelry design.  She was recently awarded a Silver Medal for her 2019 white jadeite carving, “Winter Bird Spring Greens” at the 2019 Zi Gang Bei Jade Exhibition in Suzhou, China. Sarna received a Bronze Medal for her unique nephrite jade carving, “Mossy River” at the same competition in 2017. 

Naomi Sarna

Sarna makes her remarkable pieces in her New York City studio. In this space, she has created pieces that are represented in the Smithsonian’s Permanent Collection of American Gems as well as many private collections. Sarna had her first solo show “Stone in Motion” at the Wilensky Mineral Gallery in New York City and is currently part of a group show “Gemstone Masterpieces” at the same gallery. She is also the Jewelry Arts Expert for Unique, the Private Jet Magazine.

Naomi Sarna invites you to experience her award-winning jewelry at the AGTA GemFair:

To schedule an appointment call: 212.727.7967

AGTA GemFair
Tucson Convention Center
260 South Church
Tucson, AZ 85702

Grand Ballroom, Booth 3229

February 4 – February 9, 2020
Tuesday – Saturday — 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday – 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Purple Cactus photo credit Sarah Wolfe
Photo Credit: Sarah Wolfe

Tucson Preview

Chrysoprase Bud Brooc

Chrysoprase Bud Brooch

A collector’s statement piece, the Australian chrysoprase was hand-carved into a delicate bud by jewelry artist Naomi Sarna. It blossoms elegantly on an 18-karat yellow-gold stem embellished with white diamonds, it is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Angel Wing Brooch Naomi Sarna

Angel Wing Brooch

A natural, unheated 91.64-carat aquamarine, hand-carved by jewelry artist Naomi Sarna, is the centerpiece of this exceptional brooch. The Aquamarine is hand-carved on both sides creating an intricate play of light and color. White diamonds flow with the elegant curves of the brooch set in 18-karat white gold. The back of the brooch is delicately hand engraved with an elaborate feather pattern. .

Flat Pearl Brooch

Caught by a Wave

A natural color Chinese freshwater pearl is the centerpiece of this distinctive brooch. The luminosity of the pearl glows with hues of pink and purple, embraced by a wave of 18-karat peach gold that jewelry artist Naomi Sarna hand hammered to create a delicate finish. Caught by a Wave is accented with pink and purple sapphires as well as amethysts harmonizing with the tones of the pearl. Sarna created small pockets in the metal that were filled with platinum so that the stones could be set in a white metal that reveals their inner glow. White diamonds wrapped around the brooch give it a hint of sparkle that contrasts with the luster of the pearl.


Summer Bouquet

Inspired by the rooftop garden of her New York City apartment, jewelry artist Naomi Sarna, created the Summer Bouquet ring around a white baroque pearl. Set in glowing 18-karat yellow gold, the vibrant hues of summer are captured in the multicolor sapphires that embrace the pearl.

Autumn Petal Ring

Autumn Petal Ring

Glowing with the rich colors of autumn, jewelry artist Naomi Sarna was inspired by the flowers that grow on her rooftop garden and blossom when the weather turns cooler. Amethyst, Garnet, ruby and sapphire are frosted by a touch of diamonds, all set in luxurious 20-karat gold.

Petal Earrings

Petal Earrings

Multicolor sapphires and diamonds create a swirling pattern that is evocative of wildflowers swaying in a gentle breeze. Jewelry Artist Naomi Sarna contrasts the bold colors of the gemstones with an 18-karat white gold setting that has the subtle curve of a flower petal creating an aura of bold femininity.

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