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Five Tips to Consider When Buying Earrings


Earrings have been a fashionable jewelry item with both men and women for thousands of years. It’s no wonder that earrings are so popular, they light up your face and add a subtle glow to your skin that is always flattering. “The first thing I look at are a person’s eyes,” comments jewelry designer Naomi Sarna. “Earrings are on the same level as eyes, they complement the sparkle in your eyes.”

With a wide range of designs from simple solitaire earrings to elaborate chandeliers the perfect earring is waiting for you. Here are five tips to help you select the best earrings to suit your style.

After Midnight Earrings - Tips to Consider when buying earrings
Earrings with a curve are beautiful with curly hair. Cover photo: Bubble Earrings – The luminosity of pearls adds a soft glow to your face.


Consider your hair. Do you have curly hair? If you do, you may want to choose an earring style with a curve that follows the flow of your hair. If you have long hair you may want to select bolder styles that will show up against your flowing locks, but won’t get tangled in your tresses.

Consider your hair color as well. Yellow gold looks beautiful against dark or red hair, but may get lost on someone with blonde or light hair. White gold or platinum is lovely with light blonde or silver hair.

Neck and Earlobes

The length of your neck may also factor into the earrings that you pick. If you have a shorter neck you will want to wear earrings that stay close to the ear lobe. A solitaire or simple drop earring will do the trick. Longer drop earrings will elongate your neck. If you have a swan neck, then you can revel in styles that are longer and dangling.

Your earlobe size is another feature to consider when buying earrings. Earrings should always be in proportion to the size of your earlobe. This is especially important when you are buying solitaire earrings. A solitaire earring that is too big for your lobe will not sit right on your ear and may even pull it down, or tilt your lobes back so that the earring is not facing out properly. One solution to this issue is to substitute a larger earring back so that it adds support to your earring. They are very inexpensive and are easily found online or in a jewelry store.

Miss Match Pearl Earrings with Colored Diamonds and Sapphires - Tips to Consider when buying earrings
Long earrings are flattering on someone with a swan neck.
Midnight Stars Black Diamond Earrings Naomi Sarna - Tips to Consider when buying earrings
Consider the size of your earlobe when purchasing earrings and choose a pair that are in proportion with your lobes.

If your ears have been pierced for many years, you may notice that your holes have become enlarged. In this case, it is best to select earrings that have a design that will cover your hole and avoid ear wires that may give the appearance of making your piercing look bigger.

Face Shape

Face shape is one of the most important things to consider when selecting earrings. For those lucky ones with an oval shaped face any style of earring will work. If you have a round face, select long earrings that will have a slimming effect. Chandeliers and pear-shaped earrings will work well to balance a triangle shaped face that is wider at the top than the bottom. These styles are also flattering for someone with a heart shaped face that is also wider at the forehead and narrower at the chin.

If you have a long, narrow face cluster earrings, solitaires and hoop or round styles will add the illusion of width to your face. For those with a square shaped face and a strong jawline, anything round will soften the jaw.

Multiple Piercings

If you have multiple piercings in your ears, select earrings that harmonize well together. A simple diamond solitaire in an upper piercing will add a little extra sparkle to any other earrings you are wearing and won’t compete with other gems or metals. You may want to match a pair of earrings in your primary holes and then have a variety of accent earrings for your other piercings. Pull it all together by matching the metals or with gemstones in the same, or a contrasting, color palette.

Gold Apple Seed Earrings - Tips to Consider when buying earrings
Simple solitaire earrings are personalized with your choice of gemstone. These earrings are also great for secondary piercings.
Keystone Earrings-18k White Gold - Hearts On Fire Diamonds - Tips to Consider when buying earrings
Earrings sprinkled with diamonds that hug the ear are a great choice for the office (when we go back) or for a  Zoom work meeting.

What’s the Occasion?

When you’re choosing your earrings think about when you will wear them. If you are wearing your earrings to work, you’ll want to keep your look simple and professional. Classic gold and diamond earrings in styles that stay close to the face are good choices. When you’re going out and want some serious glam go with chandeliers, drops, or clusters that will add some high voltage pop to your look. “During a Zoom meeting earrings will add some sparkle next to your face that will keep the focus on you,” comments Sarna.

Of course, earrings are always a great way to let your personality shine through. If you’re a trendy fashionista, choose a pair of earrings with an unexpected shape. The romantics in the room may want to opt for the soft, subtle glow of pearls or a vintage style. If you’re the sporty type, a pair of simple solitaires will keep you looking polished, but you won’t have to worry about your earrings getting in the way of your game. For those who like glamour or have a dramatic style, big earrings will make a striking statement.

Turquoise Tassel Earrings - Tips to Consider when buying earrings
Fun and flirty earrings for a Zoom date or an evening soiree when those nights return.

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