Naomi Sarna New York High Jewelry Designs and Gemstone Carvings Picture

One of my earliest memories is being in nursery school, molding a lump of clay. I found wonder in the process and the pleasure of working with my hands has been a dominant theme in my life. As a child, I made jewelry from seashells, already interested in flowing lines and the interplay of light and shadow.In my early twenties, I became fascinated by drapery, both in classical sculpture and Renaissance painting. I like to incorporate this love of the flow of fabric into my gem carvings and set pieces. An opal becomes a piece of gathered fabric, and also a prism of refracted light. I am always looking for the long, sensuous line to define what a stone could and should be.

I think of my pieces as more than sculpture; the carving of the gem is only one part of the vision. The gem in its setting must also be in balance because there is a harmony between the jewel and the wearer. I enjoy the challenge of finding that balance and harmony through the discipline of crafting exquisite jewels. A true jewel is one that once removed leaves its imprint, its memory, where it was, where it was meant to be.
I seek to create timeless designs inspired by the stones themselves. The response I want my jewelry to evoke is for someone to reach for the piece, wanting to explore its lines and caress it. What I found to be pleasurable to create, I want the owner to find pleasurable to hold and wear.